3-Minute Retreat

This month will begin a new series for this column, entitled “Faith on the Go”, which is a list of resources compiled by Deacon Laura Carson, from Peace Lutheran Church in New Mexico.  This month, the focus is on Spirituality on the Go.  During a busy day and our lives can become out of sync with God.  Peace gets replaced with stress, and our spiritual connection with God becomes out of tune.  God is there and working, but something does sound right, or feel right, and your spirit tells you to just stop and pray. Consider taking a 3 minute retreat. This app can provide you with a quick moment of solace.

Maybe you are doing fine, but you would like to help your children develop their own habits of spirituality and prayer.  We receive countless texts, Facebook messages, Snapchats, Instagram notifications, and tweets each day.  How can we use those interactions as a tool for prayer?  Read this article/study for suggestions on Social Media Prayers using 1 Timothy 2:1-3 as the guiding scripture.  This is great for teens, young adults, adults of all ages, and for families of teens to do together.  Consider using this social media prayer toolkit, from vibrant faith at home.


To explore all of the options for spirituality on the go, check out:



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