A Bible for Your Child

As we kick off the new year and the 90-Day Bible Challenge, your children might see you digging into the bible a little bit more and want to join in. While he or she might not be ready to jump into an in-depth study bible, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t ready to take the next step in reading the Bible. How do you know which Bible is right for them? According to Jeannie Cunnion, with FaithGateway.com, when considering a new Bible, there are really two types: Storybook Bibles and Full Text Bibles. The Storybook Bibles only contain the most memorable stories and are simplified to a wide range of reading levels. Full Text Bibles contain the entire cannon of scripture, but with age appropriate notes and devotions.

Here are a few questions to get your started.
– What is my child’s age/ reading level?
– For what purpose will my child use this Bible?
– Do we have a translation preference?
– Does my child prefer items specific to their gender?
– Is my child drawn to realistic images or cartoon style images?

If you aren’t sure which is right, the church library and pastor’s study have a wide selection that you can borrow or try before you buy. Either way, God promises that His Word will never return void.

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