As we age, we feel like we are supposed to grow in knowledge and grace, get our act together, and have life figured out.  However, many people are surprised that when life begins to slow down a little bit more, it is often then that doubts begin to creep in and we can process all that we still have yet to understand about life.

There are three common reasons Christian’s experience doubt:

1. Questions around why God would allow bad things to happen.

2. Feeling a general lack of faith in God, perhaps fueled by intellectual questions.

Questions around the historicity of Jesus and the Bible.


I don’t believe God actively causes suffering. On the contrary, it is humanity’s own free will that often brings about much of the evil in the world. However, I do believe that God is wise, powerful, and loving enough to use the pain of our circumstances for His greater purposes. That’s what redemption is, after all.

Of course, that doesn’t answer all our questions. The good news is that, whatever questions remain, we are called to trust in the God of the cross and the resurrection. He is the One who turned the greatest injustice and defeat in the world into the ultimate triumph. He specializes in turning evil into good. Rest in that truth when your thoughts are consumed by doubt over suffering.


We often crumble when storms come our way because we’ve avoided facing up to or dealing with pre-existing doubts. Christians have a tendency to desire a bubble-wrapped faith, sealed from challenging questions, so then we succumb to doubt at any inconvenience or crisis.


However, doubt can fuel the fire to strengthen your faith in the long run.  No matter how deep our doubts and questions may go, we can rest assured that God is big enough to handle our doubts, confirm our fears, and affirm that God will continue to be with us.  In our doubts, our faith can be refined and strengthened for what is to come next.  For more on this topic, check out