How Do Children Learn to Share Their Faith? 

How do children learn to share their faith? A friend  shared this story with me. She was taking her son and a few of his friends to a park. When they all got in the car her son started reading from the Bible in a loud voice, much to the dismay of his friend.  When questioned about it later, her son explained to his mother that he was trying to share his faith with his friends.  Her story got me thinking, how do children learn to share their faith?  I think it can often be difficult for adults to share their faith and children seem to have an easier time doing it.  It could be that children are more natural at making invitation, and they are something more adept at talking about difficult subjects than adults too.  Here is a quick guide to encouraging your child to share his/her faith.

  1. Be the example.  Children pick up on how you share and talk about your faith.
  2. Remind them that we never force our faith on others, but rather simply share with them the truth about God that we believe.
  3. Sing the song, “They’ll know we are Christians by our love” to teach them that our acts of love and service are a way of sharing our faith.
  4. Give them the tools to make sharing their faith easier such as invitation cards to VBS, or bringing a friend to church for other special activities.
  5. Have worshipful music playing in your house.  This not only shares your faith, but encourages yours as well.
  6. During bedtime prayers, talk about who we know that might need to have the joy of Jesus with

Want to practice as a family?  Come and join us for the Jericho Walks Saturdays at 9:00 a.m. in April and May (meet at the church).  It will be a great time to get out and walk as a family and talk about our faith.


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