Introduction to the Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross is an ancient meditative pilgrimage inviting the spiritually hungry to walk the “Way of Sorrows” with Jesus to his death on Calvary hill. Traditionally depicted in fourteen visuals, the Stations highlight pivotal moments in Jesus’ final hours. This graphic art rendition of the Stations by Lauren Wright Pittman nods to tradition while imagining Jesus’ journey toward crucifixion through a modern lens. In twelve black and white images, this series condenses the version Pope John Paul II introduced on Good friday in 1991. Stripped down and textured, these visuals highlight the metaphorical and emotional layers of Jesus’ journey toward his last breaths.
We invite you to use these Stations and this Companion Guide to walk the path of our suffering Savior with your eyes and heart wide open. Walk along the road with the One who took on human flesh, stepping into the depths of betrayal, injustice, mockery, judgement, and pain in order to free us from their grip. Walk the journey of the One who chose nonviolent resistance as the means to redemption. Walk the path of the One who leads us to the tomb but hushes death before it can speak the last word. Walk in the footsteps of the One who proves that even crucified love still lives.
With every step, may you know—fully and freely—
that there is no place God won’t go.
Walk on, friends.
Artfully yours,
The Sanctified Art Creative Team

A Sanctified Art LLC is a collective of artists in ministry who create resources for worshiping communities. The Sanctified Art team works collaboratively to bring scripture and theological themes to life through film, visual art, curriculum, coloring pages, liturgy, graphic designs, and more. Their mission is to empower churches with resources to inspire creativity in worship and beyond. Driven by the connective and prophetic power of art, they believe that art helps us connect our hearts with our hands, our faith with our lives, and our mess with our God.
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All Stations and reflections by Lauren Wright Pittman. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Lauren is an artist, graphic designer, and theologian. She uses visual art to image the tension, joy, sadness, beauty, and energy she experiences in scripture.

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