Prayer Garden

The Stations of the Cross, and the Stations of the Resurrection

WELCOME TO OUR PRAYER GARDEN. This is a place of quiet retreat, open to the community during daylight hours every day of the year. In any season, come to re-collect yourself, re-connect with God’s creation, restore a sense of calm in your busy life, and allow God to speak into your soul.  Please respect the sanctity of this place.

The Stations of the Cross is an ancient spiritual devotion: Early Christians in 2nd-century Jerusalem walked the
“way of the cross” through the holy city, pausing to pray at 14 key spots where Jesus struggled through his last hours. The
practice spread through the Mideast and Europe during the Middle Ages, and now is observed by Christians world-wide.

The Stations of the Resurrection is a new spiritual devotion. Fourteen signposts of Easter are associated with parallel
signposts of the Passion. As you walk the path, note their interplay: How death leads to life, how suffering gives birth to
prised by joy. The Bible readings and prayers in this folder can be your guide.

May God's Spirit touch your spirit in this holy place, where saints are baptized and saints’ ashes await Jesus’ return.

The Story of Our Prayer Garden

From its conception in the late 1990s up until its more recent state, the prayer garden has been an important part of SOC history. Read the story that is still developing today.