What to Expect

If you are considering attending a worship service at Servants of Christ, know that we hope that you will!  We are praying for you and the work of God in your life.  The first thing that you will notice is people are excited to welcome you into God’s house.  We are a people who are genuinely interested in who you are, and are happy to be part of this community.  When we say that we welcome everyone, we really mean everyone.  People of all ethnic backgrounds, rich and poor, political background, and sexual orientations are welcome here in this place.  We mean everyone.  You can expect to come as you are, trusting that no one is going to judge you.

 Instead, you should expect to find a community of people who daily tries to follow Christ, share Hope, and Love All.  We serve our neighbors near and far each week, through a variety of outreach ministries.  We live our namesake to be “servants of Christ” to our neighbors in need.

Sunday Service: 9:30 a.m.

  When it comes to worship, we start at 9:30, and it generally lasts around an hour.  Our music is rich with traditional hymns, bell choir, and vocal choir.  Regardless of your singing ability, you are free to participate as much or as little as you feel comfortable.  Our service is grounded in the reading the Bible and learning to apply it in our daily lives.  Finally, we celebrate a simple meal of Holy Communion, in which all are invited to God’s feast of love.

If you can’t make it in person you can watch on our Youtube channel found HERE.


You can also follow along with our digital bulletin found HERE.

Coffee Hour: 10:30 a.m.

  After worship ends, you are welcome to attend our coffee fellowship time to enjoy light refreshments and spend time getting to know others in the congregation.

Sunday School: 11:00 a.m.

 At 11am, we offer Sunday School for all ages to continue growing in our faith.

You can also participate from home through our zoom link.

Our Missions & Beliefs

We are Church

We are what God has made us.....

We are Lutheran

We are a church that walks by faith, trusting God’s promise in the gospel and knowing that we exist by and for the proclamation of this gospel word...

We are Church Together

Just as God has joined us to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in baptism, we are also joined to others....

We are Church for the Sake of the World

Christ has freed us from sin and death, even from ourselves, so that we can live as ministers of reconciliation in loving and generous service of our neighbors...

Our Staff

Reverend Matt Masko

We are praying for our next pastor.  We trust that God is preparing us and our next pastor, especially during our time of discernment, conversation, and prayer.  In the meantime…  Pastor Matt Masko serves as the Interim Pastor.  He is a theologian, musician, husband, and coffee lover who enjoys meeting people.  Pastor Masko will begin to lead worship on February 19, 2023.  He and Deacon Diane work together to provide pastoral care and leadership during this time of transition. Reach Pr. Masko at: [email protected] 

Olesya Savinkova

Minister of Music

Originally from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Olesya has lived in Indiana for 14 years now. She graduated with a bachelors of science degree in music from Manchester College (University). While there, she sang in 2 choirs, played in the orchestra and band, accompanied the vocal and instrumental students, and discovered handbells. She became a member of SOC in 2010. She has sung/accompanied SOC choir and has been ringing in the handbell choir. She became full-time director of SOC handbell choir in January 2014. She played her first Handbell solo Palm Sunday 2015. Olesya became the Minister of Music in 2016. She has been singing in the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir since August 2014. Together with her fiancé Ray, she adopted a chihuahua named Toby and a cat named Mona(Mo). In her spare time, Olesya loves crafting, traveling, reading, and recently learning ukulele.

Reach Olesya at: [email protected]


Jordan Wolfred

Longtime member and faithful servant, Jordan Wolfred, is the Interim Director of Communication.  She will be helping in the office with a wide variety of task such as bulletins, newsletters, emails, social media updates, and much more.  Jordan is in the office most weeks Monday through Thursday (9-3).  You can reach Jordan at the church phone number 317-823-9580 or her new email address:  [email protected].

Diane Marten


Diane is a Deaconess/Deacon who brings 50 years of experience serving congregations, hospitals, and social service agencies. At SOC, she leads Stephen Ministry, helps to plan alternative worship, and enjoys meeting our younger members. She does “other duties as assigned” and might invite you to help as well. 

Abby Vesga

The founder of Laundry & More is Abby Vesga, who comes with many years of life experiences. Not only does she understand homelessness, as she herself has been in that position four times; but she also understands the needs, feelings and fears of many others in the community. Abby has a long history of sexual, mental, emotional and spiritual abuse that has plagued her for years. She is a recovering alcoholic, drug dealer, rape victim, and understands those feelings of being less, or thoughts of not mattering to those around. She has gone hungry. She understands the violence moms in the community have to deal with as she, too, has had to bury family members due to suicide, violence and murder. She brings with her first-hand knowledge of being told “no” by those that were designed to help, because she didn’t qualify for services due to age or not having dependents. “There are a lot of cracks that people like me fall into, and that has to change,” she says. So when Laundry & More was in its planning stages, the first thing she stated was that no one would be told “no.” The only condition to be helped with laundry at Laundry & More is residency in Lawrence. Abby (and the others who help lead this ministry) believes that every person that comes to the laundromat on Tuesdays is worth knowing, worth loving and worth spending time with. And by bringing with her a past of shared experiences and absence of judgment, she allows others to see that they aren’t alone in their feelings or life experiences.