Choir and bells

"Next to the Word of God, music deserves the highest praise. No greater commendation than this can be found — at least not by us. After all, the gift of language combined with the gift of song was only given to man to let him know that he should praise God with both word and music, namely, by proclaiming [the Word of God] through music."

martin luther

music opportunities at Servants of Christ

Music is an integral part of our worship services. We have Adult Choir, Bells of Christ-Handbell ensemble, summer music opportunities, kids chimes. If you play an instrument or sing, see below for how you can glorify God with your musical abilities.

Bells of Christ - Every Thursday, 6:15 pm-7:30 pm (September-May)  
We always welcome subs, if not available full-time. Training is available. 

Adult Choir - Every Thursday, 7:30 pm-8:30 pm. (September-May)
Everyone is welcome.
Kids chimes, Joyful Chimers - Practice and play when there are kids available.
There are opportunities to play instruments in the summer while choir/bells are on hiatus.
 For more information, please contact our Minister of Music, Olesya Savinkova at